About SGA

Swamp Girl Swamp Girl Adventures©is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization striving to educate others about Florida’s wildlife and habitats, promote conservation and the great outdoors, and assist in the care and rehabilitation of animals in need.

Swamp Girl Adventures started with just a few fun videos in the swamps. After those videos got such a large following in a short period of time the small group of 5 people decided to use the videos as a fun educational way for people to learn about Florida's wildlife and natural areas. Kim AKA Swamp Girl had been doing educational programs on and off since she was 14 so including more educational opportunities such as interactive programs with live animals was a great add to the videos. After about a year in the making SGA became a small non-profit organization and has been growing ever since. Every year we are asked to provide more programs and educational displays and more videos are being made all over Florida. In 2011 one of Swamp Girls most beloved critters a opossum named Savannah was an ambassador for opossums on Animal Planets Pets 101 and if that was not enough Maynard the skunk also had his chance at stardom on A&E in 2012. Who knows what the future will bring but we hope you will continue to join us on a Swampin Adventure!

Please check out our video page for some educational fun!