Educational Programs

In a time of TV, PC's and technology our youth often forgets about getting outside and understanding the world around them. Sure they could see an animal on TV but it makes a very small impact in comparison to seeing an animal up close!

 Swamp Girl Adventures provides educational programs for all ages. And we welcome Q and A opportunities throughout our programs. We Provide the opportunity to learn about not just one but many different animals that can be found in our own backyards, and not just snakes, turtles and lizards but some of the furry kind too! We promote awareness of Venomous snakes, the importance of protecting key species, conserving natural areas, how to live beside wildlife and being a responsible pet owner! All this can be adapted to your needs and time frames and SGA is available year round.

Swamp Girl Adventures is a Non -Profit Organization that depends on donations to continue to make our programs possible and to upkeep and care for the animals that call us home. All the animals in our programs have a story to share and have been rescued or were an unwanted pet. To help with all this we do ask for a minimum donation for our programs. If you are interested in having us provide a program/s please contact us so that we can provide you with more details and help fulfill your needs.

Educational Displays

Swamp Girl Adventures is also available to set up an educational display at your event! Our displays can also be adapted to your needs and are like an ongoing program for those who stop by our booth or tent. We bring live animals as well as many educational resources free for the taking. We welcome questions from those stopping by and help educate the public about wildlife, conservation, identification and responsible pet owner ship while getting to see the animals up close! Feel free to contact us for more details about our educational displays!