Geo Caching

Geo Caching is all about getting out and seeing new places or visiting areas you know but enjoying a hunt for a cache!This is a great activity that encourages exploring, hiking, biking, boating, and can be done alone, with friends or family. SGA has decided to create an interactive way for others to go and explore some of the same places we have on our Swampin Adventures! Swamp Girl and the crew will try to leave behind a cache at each location they visit. Then you can log onto and get the GPS coordinates of our hidden caches and check out what we saw and experienced. There is another reason to find SGA Geo Caches! Some of our caches have a code and if you follow the directions on the log you can redeem a small prize from SGA! Please watch this video on SGA and Geo Caching!

To find a list of our SGA caches go to this is a "FREE" and Open Site.
Opencaching OpenCaching